Monday, October 19, 2009

Heart of a Volunteer/The Blue Bird

Hello fellow bloggers!

As you know by now, i'm a movie junkie and a music junkie hehe :D Right now i'm listening to the Pearl Harbor Soundtrack, it's the track Heart of a Volunteer...for those who haven't seen the movie, SPOILERS DON'T READ ON....

This track is the best out of the whole soundtrack, it's the bit where Danny dies and the ending with his son (so damn tiny and GORGEOUS!) which makes me bawl my eyes out so much, even more because of the music and the boy Danny, was named after his father, and he is soooooo cute! Michael Bay is probably one of the best directors of all time, i love every single one of his movies :D hehe

But this is a writing blog isn't it? So let's just get down to writing...
I've written heaps of poems and songs when i was little...but other than my poem 'Freinds', this poem is another one of my favourites which i made up when i was little....have a read....

The Blue Bird

There’s a blue bird,

With a beautiful wing,

Who is very rare,

And can very well sing,

Each and everyday,

The blue bird flies,

Back to her nest,

Where her youngsters cry.

I don't know why it's my favourite...maybe because it's so true...but yeah it's my favourite and i love it :D
I've been watching Pokemon episodes the whole day hehe, i'm 19 and i still love it! The old ones i mean, like Seasons 1 to 9 maybe :D I would love to buy them, but i can't get them internet because i don't use credit cards and i don't plan to use them in the future, i don't want no

Well i'm going to go, i really can't bother writing so much today...i will follow the other people's blogs too, but not today lol, just want some time off blogging, until tomorrow.... :D

Catch ya later!



  1. Hi, That is a sweet poem. It is great to be able to hold on to cherished memories like that from your childhood. You should keep track of your treasures like this one because some day(hopefully years from you are still young) your own children will love to see them!

  2. Thank you :D

    I have to agree with you too with your comment, it's the same with my drawings too, i'll put them all into an album/book sort of them, and keep it and show my future kids :D
    I have also put up my first chapter of my novel, if you haven't seen that yet...


  3. shivers, i made a typo mistake in my last comment...