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My second chapter of my novel Murder Case...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear baby brother!
Happy birthday to you!

WOO! Happy birthday my little brother, i can't belieive your 17 now...time goes so quick, you don't know where the year goes...

I will put up pictures of my drawings after this post....

This is the second chapter of my upcoming novel...

- Chapter 2 -

The Secret

Suddenly for me, it became quiet. Too quiet that it was deafening to my ears. I suddenly realized that I couldn’t stand being here anymore. I just wanted to close my eyes and wake up hoping it’ll come off as a bad nightmare. But that wasn’t happening anytime soon. I decided to break the silence. I turned to face Juliet and Kate, who were also lost in thought.

“We have to go. We have to go to the police and tell them what happened,” I started to move with Kate, when Juliet grabbed my shoulders. I turned around to face her. “What is it?” Juliet’s face suddenly looked serious.

“You can’t tell anyone what happened,” I scoffed at her, as I couldn’t believe my own ears. What was she saying? Don’t tell anyone?

“What the hell do you mean don’t tell anyone?” I said angrily, glaring at Juliet with my piercing dark brown eyes. Behind me, Kate was agreeing with what I was saying. Juliet came in front of me and put her hands on my shoulders.

“It’s going to look suspicious if we tell the cops what we saw just then,” I looked at Juliet with a dumbfounded look. I looked at Kate then back at Juliet.

“What you think the cops are going to say that we killed Harley?” Kate said slightly angrily and horrified at the thought she had given. But I didn’t listen to what Kate had said; I was just looking at Juliet, trying to comprehend what was going on in her mind. I suddenly realized why Juliet said what she said.

“You’re not trying to protect us,” I said angrily. “You’re trying to protect yourself,” Kate looked at me confusingly, wondering what on earth I was talking about. Juliet took her hands off my shoulders and glared at me with her hazel eyes.

“What the hell does that mean?” said Juliet, equally as angry as me. “I didn’t kill the fucking bastard!”

“I know you didn’t kill Harley, but you do have motive for killing him. He said some things to you and you got angry, the cops will see you as a suspect,” There became silence again. Juliet and I were glaring at each other and Kate was looking at us both trying to figure out what to say. But it was Juliet that spoke up first. With her eyes still on me, she spoke.

“I call for a vote. Hands up for those who want it to be kept a secret,” Juliet put her hand up, with her eye still on me. I kept my hand down and looked sideways at Kate, who had her hand up.

“Kate, what are you doing?” I looked at Kate surprisingly and half angry. Kate still had her hand up, but she looked at me sadly.

“I’m sorry Lena, but I’m going with Juliet on this one,” said Kate sorrowfully. It looked like she was going to cry. “I don’t want my parents to find out what happened; I don’t want to be a suspect,” I looked at Kate dejectedly, but I couldn’t blame her. Juliet’s eyes lit up, and she gave a quick smile to Kate. They both put their hands down and stared at me.

“Majority rules Selena,” I looked at them both, trying to wonder how they can keep this a secret. “We’re keeping this a secret for our own safety,” Juliet looked at Kate who nodded in agreement, and then she turned her look to me.

“Are you with us Selena?” I looked at Juliet again, but I knew in my heart that a decision was made, and I had no choice but to accept it. I was only making the decision for Kate.

“Fine,” I said dejectedly, knowing that I had been defeated. “I won’t tell anyone,” Juliet gave another quick smile.

“Good, because no good will come out of this if we tell anyone,” said Juliet carefully. It’s still no good even if we don’t tell anyone, I said thoughtfully.

We all started walking back to our houses without a last glance at the dead corpse of Harley Groves lying on the grass in Denway Park. There was no talking this time, each one of us was lost in our own thoughts. I was in fact fuming inside. How can Juliet control us like that? What right does she have to tell us what to do? How can I keep this secret, knowing that it’s going to eat away inside of me as the days pass by? As we kept walking silently, we passed Kate and Juliet’s house, without even talking, we each gave each other a nod and they both went into their houses, closing the door shut behind them.

I was on my own now, walking home by myself. I kept sneaking glances up the night sky searching for signs of a large creature with wings. I still couldn’t believe what happened. After all this time I think back, I realized that this was the catalyst for events soon to come, and there was no stopping it.

“Selena, what’s wrong sweetie?” The voice quickly snapped me out of my thoughts and I realized that I was suddenly at home, standing in the living room and in front of me was the worried face of my mother.

“Oh,” I said quickly lost for words. “It’s nothing Mum. I’m just tired,” Mum looked at me; I quickly raised my eyes and looked at my mother. She was beautiful. Everybody always says that if there was a beauty pageant, my mother will be crowned first place. My mother’s name is Charlotte Gordon. She is a lot like me, long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a smile so beautiful that it becomes contagious to anyone around her. Okay, I admit I went a little overboard with the contagious part. I turned my attention back to Mum. She still looked even more worried.

“Are you sure you’re okay? I called you when you came in, but you didn’t say a word,” I nodded.

“It’s just been a long day and I’d really like to go to bed,” I forced a smile, went up to my mother, hugged her tightly (she wouldn’t let go) and went up the stairs and into my room. I fell onto the bed; more thoughts came to my head. What was that creature? What was it doing there in the first place? Why did it kill Harley? What is that small bag? What is inside it? Why did my life have to start falling apart at this moment?

Suddenly thinking how exhausted I was. I climbed into my covers, with my clothes still fully on, and drifted off into an uneasy sleep, dreaming of the horrific incident that happened on a couple of hours ago…

I opened my eyes wearily and looked around. I was in my room and it took me a while to realize that I still had my clothes from last night on me. When I sat up in bed thinking of the events that took place last night, I looked at my clock, which showed twelve-fifteen in the afternoon. I had slept in. I got out of bed and stretched, I then went to my wardrobe and got out a long dark skirt with a white top and went into the bathroom to take a long and needed shower.

“Ah Selena you’re awake!” said Mum happily, as I came out from the bathroom, and into the kitchen area still looking tired.

“Morning’,” I said softly and hoarsely, as I still haven’t found my voice yet since waking up. I sat on the table just as my Mum put a plate of bacon and eggs in front of me as I was yawning loudly.

“It’s the afternoon now,” she said softly as she kissed me on the forehead. “I let you sleep in a bit, after last night,” I nodded without speaking and quietly ate my bacon and eggs.

“Where’s Kale, Karen and Dad?” I said as I had my mouth full of bacon. Mum sat down opposite me and took a piece of bacon from my plate.

“It’s a Sunday, so Kale is over at Jackson’s house, your father is still at the construction site working and Karen is out drinking with her friends,” I rolled my eyes while my Mum looked away. Karen is only four years older than me, I am 18 years old and she is 22 years old. Karen thinks that she can control me because she is the oldest. She shows off to her friends in front of me, treating me like a child. Even more to my humiliation, Karen gossips about me and the family to her friends, something which I hate among all other things. But even though she can be a bitch sometimes, Karen does have a good side which is loving and sisterly like. Kale on the other hand is like any other little brother, annoying. He is three years younger than me and even now he still likes to peep into my room or flick through my out-dated diary once in a while. But unlike any other little brother, Kale was my first and only best friend. We will tell each other anything and help each other out, which overall makes my mother very proud of us.

When I finished my late breakfast, I went up to my room and shut and locked the door behind me. I went to my desk, set a large piece of paper on the floor, went to my bag and got out the small black bag I found inside Harley’s jacket.The stale smell was still lingering, but I ignored it. I set the small black bag onto the paper and opened the white string with my hands, and when the black bag opened up a strong horrible smell wafted from inside the bag which made me nearly throw up. I got up again, went to my desk a second time and got out a pair of white disposable gloves from my drawer. I went back to the floor, and sat down.

Picking though the objects in the bag, I found the following:

A piece of bone, not sure what it was, but I was sure to check it out soon; two really small baby teeth, one dead black rose, three black pebbles and 2 small rocks. From what knowledge I could gather in my head, I knew that this was a hex bag. How do I know? I’ll tell you how. I’m into the paranormal and everything to do with it. You could say that I am obsessed with it. My mother always thought that getting into these things could mean trouble, but that now has been proved wrong. The knowledge proved to be useful once and for all. I got out a notebook and a pen and starting to record my findings.

“It is the 16th of January, 2005. I found a small black hex bag in the jacket of Harley Groves. I opened up the bag and found the following items:

• One unidentified piece of bone.

• Two really small teeth, very likely from a toddler or child.

• One dead black rose.

• Three black pebbles.

• Two small rocks from an unidentified location, very likely from a graveyard.

NOTE: Find out what kind of bone it is.”

I quickly put down the pen and re-read what I wrote. I suddenly forgot one more thing, the smell. You see, when you make a hex bag, you put a certain kind of aroma on the bag for it to effectively work. I quickly wrote down some more notes.

“Hex bag has a certain kind of aroma. Smells like something you get from the ocean mixed with a stale smell of an unknown source,” I closed the notebook and started drifting into my thoughts. From the evidence I could gather from the hex bag, someone tried to curse him. The hex bag worked, Harley Groves is now dead and decaying on the ground in Denway Park. But now so many more questions were running through my head. Who would want to curse Harley? There were so many people in school who hated him, so many people who’d give anything for him to die or get hurt. Why did that person put the hex bag in his jacket? Does the hex bag attract the creature that killed Harley? Or is the creature and the hex bag two different things all together? Maybe Harley crossed paths with someone who is into witchcraft, or was it meant for someone else? The questions kept coming and coming, and every time I tried to answer a question, another question will pop up as well as many theories. I came back to my senses again when there was a knock on my door.

“Who is it?” I called out as I quickly scrambled around putting the objects back into the bag (leaving out the piece of bone) and stuffing them into a drawer and locking them inside.

“It’s Kate,” said a silent and shy voice of Kate. “Can I come in?” I quickly put the bone into a pouch, stuffed it in my school bag and went to open the door.

Kate was standing there in a medium sized white skirt, with a pink blouse. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail today. She gave me a massive hug. I patted her back sympathetically, knowing what conversation was going to come up.

“Are you okay?” I said caringly, as we both parted and sat on the bed. Kate looked at me with tired and sad eyes. I observed that her eyes were puffy and red. She had been crying. She shook her head.

“I’m not okay Lena,” said Kate whose voice was starting to break up. “I couldn’t sleep the whole night last night. My eyes are red and puffy from crying so much and I’m just scared. I also feel guilty for taking Juliet’s side and not yours,” I looked at poor Kate, who had tears starting to well up in her eyes. I passed her a tissue from my bedside table.

“You don’t have to feel guilty about anything Kay. Just because you are my sister, doesn’t mean you have to take my side on every issue that comes along. I had nightmares of what happened last night too. It was a horrible experience for all of us,” Kate quickly took the tissue and started dabbing at her eyes. I looked at Kate for a bit wondering whether I should trust her enough to tell her about the hex bag. Kate looked at me while cleaning her eyes.

“What? Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Can I trust you with something?” Kate looked at me, wondering what on earth I was going to tell her about. She nodded her head. I then told her about the hex bag, about how I was looking through Harley’s body, finding the hex bag, opening it and discovering it contents and my theories. When I finished talking, Kate looked at me with her mouth wide open.

“You stole evidence,” Kate said slowly, as though trying to comprehend what I said to her. “You opened up a cursed bag which you think made Harley a target to that creature, and you stole evidence,” Kate sighed disappointingly as she looked at me. “I know you Lena; you would never do something like this, stealing evidence. Why are you trying to play detective all of a sudden?”

“I’m not trying to play detective,” I said, feeling slightly hurt by Kate’s response. “And I took the evidence because of a gut feeling I had, and you know about my gut feelings,” I added, glaring at Kate who looked a taken back. “I am telling you these things because I can trust you, if you break this trust and tell anyone else, even Juliet, I’ll never confide anything to you again,” Kate nodded.

“Why don’t you want Juliet to find out?” asked Kate. I scowled at her.

“Because I don’t trust her, I’m not as close to her as you are Kate. I only put up with her because of what she’s going through with her parents,” Kate nodded again, but this time more slowly. “What did you do when you went back home last night?”

“Everyone else was sleeping, so I just went to my room and tried to wait for sleep to come. But I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. I still can’t believe it. What was that creature?” I knew how Kate was feeling because I was feeling the same way. But before I could reply, my Mum was calling us.

“Selena! Kate! I want you to come down here now!” called Mum from downstairs. The tone of my mother sounded panicky, and Kate and I looked at each other in fright and ran downstairs into the living room, where the television was switched on.

“Mum, what is i-“ But Mum shushed me and pointed my direction to a breaking news report that was playing on the television. Nicolas Papas who was the Channel Seven’s reporter, was speaking from the news desk. My heart was pounding, as I knew what this news report was about. I stood and listened.

The end of Chapter 2...It's still a draft by the way, any advice is fine with me :D

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  1. Its great! An easy reading, yet it brings out adequate suspense. Try reading more murder case books though because I know you can write something that projects more seriousness, since murder is a pretty strong word.