Friday, October 16, 2009

A poem about what a friend should be...

I wrote this poem when i was little, i think it's pretty good...also this poem is copywrited by me....

A friend is a person,

Who is loving and kind,

Who will always be honest,

And will never tell lies,

A friend will help you,

Within good times and bad,

In any situation,

Things will never be sad,

A friend will stay with you,

If you need to talk,

Just go outside,

And take a long walk,

A friend is a person,

Who will listen to you,

You can tell them everything,

They can be honest with you too,

A friend is a person,

Who would never get upset,

If you both liked a person,

You won’t have to fret,

A friend would never cry,

If you told them how you felt,

They would never put you down,

Wouldn’t let your heart melt,

A friend is a person,

Who will always be a friend,

In times when you get sick,

They’ll have flowers to send,

God makes these friends,

Just for you,

In good times and bad,

You’re a friend to them too.

I hope you liked it...please tell me what you think of it...


  1. Actually I liked it. I write myself have lots of poetry. You may have inspired me to look at a 3rd blog lol. THnaks for following btw and I have signed on to follow yours. Keep up the writing looking forward to more.

  2. hehe thank you very much :D
    It makes me happy that people love my writings, which makes me want to write more actually hehe.
    You should send me the link when you make your blog for poetry :D I'll be your follower :D


  3. Hi, I like your poem. You have a definite talent for writing. I am a new follower to your site. Check mine out @

  4. thank you so much :D I shall follow you too


  5. This is really sweet - it reminds me of my friends from school.

    Kate xx

  6. Lovely.

  7. I loved it. I can't wait to read your stories. I like reading anything supernatural, it's very interesting. Keep up the great work! :)