Friday, May 5, 2017

Hans Zimmer Revealed in Melbourne, Australia 2017

Thank you to Hans Zimmer for an amazing night in Melbourne! In this day and age it makes me extremely happy to know that film composers are finally out in the spotlight and giving their fans an all-around authentic, life-changing experience. As far as I know, this is a first for us Australians.

Film and film music is massive part of my life. It's why I love Directing, Screenwriting, Editing and SFX. The music gives a film more depth and meaning. It's a roller-coaster of emotions and I have over 150 soundtracks for my ever-increasing collection.

I got into film music as a 6 six year old because of Hans Zimmer. It was 1996 and "Broken Arrow" had just come out, and being a Travolta fan (and after this a Slater fan), the soundtrack blew me away. I had to know who the composer was. I played the film all the time just to hear the music. I loved it so much that I taught myself to play it perfectly by ear on my toy piano (James Horner's influence would not long after propel me to continue playing the piano because of "Titanic").

Unfortunately he didn't play "Broken Arrow" in Melbourne last night, but he played the next best thing (possibly the best track on the entire setlist), "Roll Tide" from "Crimson Tide". As soon as Hans mentioned Tony Scott I was a blubbering mess and my brother next to me had the biggest grin on his face. It was such a nice surprise. 😁

Being both obsessed Zimmer fans growing up, it was always our dream to see Hans Zimmer live in concert. Who knew that day would be ever be last night?! It was my main item on my bucket list and I can safely say I happily ticked it off. 💗

The entire concert was mind-blowing, heart-pumping, emotional and a very epic experience. One very emotional part of the experience was hearing Hans talk about his experience working with our own Heath Ledger during "The Dark Knight" and his devastation to the call that he had passed away. He talked about fighting against the opressive notion that drives people of different backgrounds apart and in a moment of his heartfelt speech, he made sure that inclusion and being united was one of the best things human beings can ever do in a state of war and turmoil that's inflicted upon our world.

The reason why Hans is so amazing as a human being and as a film composer is the fact he's so genuine, loves music to the core and can create a whole variety of musical compositions for film, documentaries and games, and still put his essence into his work to make it distinguishable. It was an even better experience knowing Lebo M and fellow Melbournian Lisa Gerrard were there to give us the most authentic versions of "The Lion King" and "Gladiator" (although I wish he did "King Arthur", "Rush", "The Last Samurai" and "The Rock").

My brother isn't much of a fan of "The Lion King", but even he can appreciate and be absolutely blown away by the amazing vocals of Lebo M and his daughter that brought the music to life. As soon as Lebo M's vocals to "The Circle of Life" boomed across the darkness of the Arena, the whole environment changed and turned everyone's expressions into pure happiness. It was like we were all kids watching "The Lion King" again.

I am so thankful for Hans Zimmer being here in Melbourne. Nearly every track was one we knew and loved and it was perfect. My brother and I were the only overly excited ones in our sections. It was the best night of our lives and while we've had the most terrible year so far with a big loss and continuous grief, this day is indeed a night we'll never forget and love forever. So thank you for making our lives! This is an experience we've waited long for so many years and one we'll never forget.

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