Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have you ever cried in a movie?

I sure have...seriously....i'll make you a list and tell you what movies i find so sad...then you can tell me yours...i will not spoil any movie for you guys

1. Marley and Me (never cried so much in my life, i was sobbing for hours after that)
2. Pearl Harbor (also makes me bawl so much, especially the end)
3. Armageddon (because i have a great relationship with my daddy...i love him so much!)
4. Reign Over Me (one of Adam Sandlers best films)
5. The 6th Day (the ending...omg i love arnold!)
6. Titanic (we all know why of course)
7. Stepmom
8. Transformers 2 lol i know shocking, but it's just one bit...
9. Ghost Whisperer - The Episode called The Crossing (i cried throughout the whole episode so much! Everytime i talk about it, it makes me cry)
10. AI- Artificial Intelligence (soo cute! i love Jude Law)
11. The Pursuit of Happiness (such a meaningful story! I didn't think i'd like it so much!)
12. Face/Off (the ending when you know who comes back, such a happy ending and i bawl my eyes out in happiness!)
13. Fanaa (a hindi movie...gets me everytime! I love Aamir Khan!)
14. I Am Sam (such a touching movie!)
15. Philadephia (one of Tom Hanks best movies! Bawl my eyes out sooooooo much!)
16. Finding Nemo (so touching!)
17. Pay It Forward (the ending)
18. The Passion of the Christ (throughout the torture scenes...gets me and my mum everytime!)
19. Eight Below (the dogs are the best actors!)
20. Click (makes you quite teary at the end, the son is the same in ghost whisperer in the episode i cried in!)
21. New York (the hindi of the best movies i've seen in hindi times :D )
22. Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham (Sometimes Happiness, Sometimes's another hindi movie)
23. 50 First Dates (soooooooo beautiful!)
24. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (lol, it's when...well who know who dies)

Well as you can see i'm such a cry baby....but the reason so because for some reason whenever i watch movies, i always put myself in their situation....that's just the way i am....and then i cry even more...
So tell me...what movies do you guys cry in....



  1. before I even started the list...just after reading your introduction to this list, your #1 came to my mind. This is one of my all time favorite movies, and one of the saddest, especially to those of us that are so attached to our animals. I don't know if you have any, but man, my two munchkins are like my children since I don't have any. And when I saw that movie, I was thinking about them, and I never want to think of them like that! It is soooo sad! Great post- Thanks!

  2. I totally agree with you!

    I have a cat...and this movie made me love him even more (i didn't know i had sooo much love in me before) i want to spend as much time with my cat, because you never know what will happen....
    Yeah i cried so much in that movie, that i was crying nearly the whole makes you not want to have pets so you won't have to go through the pain of losing them :( i love my cat to death...

  3. I would have to say...
    -Titanic, of course, that's a given.
    -I cried a little in Forrest Gump when Jenny dies in the end.
    -But the ultimate movie that made me cry like never before has to be "The Notebook". I continued to cry about half-an-hour after the movie was over and I still cried when I watched it the second time.

  4. Those are all good movies! But my most recent tear jerker experience was "My Sisters Keeper". This was the first time ever that I have seen a movie during which I cried the ENTIRE time!!And I wasn't PMSing either :)

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  6. Hey Mindy,

    I just started up a new blog. Come check it out and follow me there too! Thanks!


  7. I have to admit, I don't even want to see Marley & Me because I know it would make me cry...yes me, a 35 year old man...