Thursday, June 1, 2017

Peer Review Blog

Peer Review Blog

During the Rough Cut Presentations in Week 10 of the Semester, the class gathered in their groups to show us what we had all done, whether it was edited or not. A lot of them were quite amazing and it was hard to pick which two projects to focus on because they were so unique and creative.

I will discuss Pan Xiong’s film about a man who is lonely and meets a friend. While the project itself was interesting when it came to the dance sequences, I felt that the biggest weakness of the project was the change of tone from the silent sombre character to a sudden dance sequence. It felt too quick and too different. A strength was how he did everything himself. The camera angles were amazing as were the colour grading. This takes into account my own project and how it took us a long time getting the angles right, when he did everything by himself. It was very impressive.

The second project I wanted to discuss was Ting Ni & YuanYuan Li’s Charlie Chaplin project. As a big fan of Charlie Chaplin myself, I was extremely impressed with how well they managed to capture his essence through the amazing colour grading from Premiere Pro as well as the silent film treatment. If I had not known beforehand that it was inspired the love of Charlie Chaplin, I would have guessed it straight away. A weakness however was one camera angle where the man was fighting towards the camera. It seemed too unrealistic for that time, but it is not enough to warrant such an issue, especially if people have not seen many silent films. This takes into light my own project and how we have used the similar colour grading effect for a few scenes during the editing process.

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