Thursday, May 18, 2017

Week 9 - No Budget Social Media Campaign

Week 9 – No Budget Social Media Campaign

As someone who has worked with a group of people to created a social media marketing campaign for a not-for-profit organisation in North Melbourne, I understand how difficult it might be to reach a larger audience without having to spend little to no money.
Davis & Sigthorsson discuss that creating a do-it-yourself marketing campaign with little to no budget such as using cheap online tools, social media and personal networks is now a “routine element of creative practice” (Davis & Sigthorsson 2013, p. 162). It now easy for anybody with a laptop and good internet connection to utilise the internet and do their own marketing free of charge. When people look at the word “free” I would assume that they would think the quality will not turn out so good unlike paid marketing ventures. When it comes to social media, this is completely different as social media is free, interacting with individuals on the platform is free and it makes it easier without paid advertisement to reach your target audience.
Headworth discusses a case study regarding “Campbell’s” and how they successfully created a social media recruitment campaign without a budget. She talks about the strategies they used such as growing their company’s LinkedIn page followers, responding to every message received LinkedIn, generating engaging content, improving their company’s website, updating all the content on a daily basis and improved their position from the bottom of their peer group in LinkedIn Talent Brand Index (Headworth 2015, p. 70).  Here we see how the company utilised free social media in order to create a marketing company that was a complete success.

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