Thursday, May 18, 2017

Week 8 - Augmented Tourism

Week 8 – Augmented Tourism

During this lecture, we learned about the different kinds of digital landscapes that are being updated to our everyday devices. So many different kinds of technology is always being created and users love to take advantage of the fact that we are starting to become the future of sci-fi film technology.
Augmented reality is something I am fascinated with and while it is not like virtual reality like how James Cameron used virtual reality and motion capture to create the whole world of Pandora though a camera lens for “Avatar”, augmented reality uses real world video combined with 3D models. It does not look real yet, but as our technology advances, so does the graphics. One day we might even have contact lens instead of AR glasses to see a whole new world.
What is interesting is how augmented reality is being utilised for tourism purposes. Conrady & Buck discuss that there through “webcams, virtual worlds, augmented reality, 3D virtual reality and other immersive technologies” that they are able to get a feel for a destination through the eyes of tourists (Conrady & Buck 2012, p. 26). Imagine never having to go to Hawaii as an example as you can see the whole place through the lens of AR glasses in relation to 360 degree technology.
Like the TV series “Travellers”, participants are able to go into pods and transfer to another place by creating a copy with the users current subconscious, and like “Avatar” they are able to use their vessels and have all the experiences they want in the real world without having to leave their current location. Conrady & Buck discuss that as immersive technology advances, one day our minds will able to travel instead, and even though they’ll be travelling electronically, they will still be able to have the same physically experiences as if they are there in person (Conrady & Buck 2012, p. 27).
As technology advances, so does immersive technology and tourism will be eventually soar as people take advantage of these new technologies as they come out. Will flying in planes eventually be phased out? I guess we will find out.

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