Saturday, October 15, 2016

Assessment 4 - Reflective Blog Post Week 13

This course has been very engaging and interesting, especially in terms of doing this social media project.

In relation to expanding on my first reflective blog. My first critical incident was engaging with the public via blog posts. I'd like to expand this using the social media project as well. In my first blog, I spoke about, "Using it in a professional way that allowed me to see the way other people perceive the person as well as get a sense of the psyche." In relation to my social media project, I tried to speak to people via community groups on Facebook, but the lack of responses leads me to believe that I'm a stranger that perhaps answering such information about the way they tax would be person. 

The second critical incident was using Twitter as a professional platform. In relation to my social media project, it was a major fail. The ATO use it as one-way communication, therefore trying to utilise it towards my campaign didn't work so well. It was disheartening that I was down another social media platform (which includes LinkdIn and Facebook) and emails wasn't very effective either. Perhaps I had caught them during a very busy period which was why there was a lack of responses towards my project.

I might not have reached my social media goals, but using it to different professional services takes time. You need time to build trust, to build relationships and a good reputation (much a like a company when they sell their products to clients), but I could have progressed had I used traditional methods at the same time. This comes under Week 2's lecture for 'social networks'. "We can lump remaining forms of social relations into a broad category of ‘community orientated‘ or ‘trust based’. These can range from the intimate communal sharing practices of families and close friends to the more distant reciprocal exchanges of acquaintances (Week 2 lecture)."

I can learn a lot from this though. At the moment as a filmmaker, I'm still advancing my social media status in the digital sphere. By learning from my project, and throughout the entire course, it is to be very adaptive when it comes to communicating with different stakeholders. Nothing should ever be the same and it should always be different. 

With participatory media in relation to enhancing relationships, I've learned that there should be a moderation of both traditional and new media platforms for communicating. Perhaps there will one day be a social media for the elderly demographic where they are able to connect with the global community and start using web-based platforms to communication with other people.

Assessment Mark - 6/10.

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