Sunday, September 11, 2016

Assessment 4 Reflection - Stakeholder Engagement

This course has been amazing so far. The fact that it's online gives me time to manage other classes, as well as spend more time on social media via professional practices is a very interesting and new way of collaboration.
The first critical incident during the course that gave me new insights into social media as part of a professional practice, was the use of weekly tasks in blogs. I've had this blog since 2009, and during certain clusters of my life, have updated it a lot and sometimes not so much. Using it in a professional way allowed me to see the way other people perceive the person via the blog, as well as get a sense of the psyche. While I haven't updated my weekly tasks during the weeks themselves, my lack of time management has been slowed because of other classes. This made me learn about managing time more properly, as well as juggling everything together with a very busy job which I've only started this week. Being so tired had hampered my ability to be more productive, something which I will not let happen again.
The second critical incident would have to be using Twitter as a tutorial. It was a first for me, and while I usually use Twitter as a professional practice anyway, it was the first time I used it to collaborate with people all at the same time, for the same topic using hashtags. It's allowed me to see that while there's sometimes a delay in which tweets occur, as well as lessening down my words in order to fit the 140 characters, it's an interesting way of using it professionally. Twitter is going to be something I use a lot for my final assignment as well as continuing this throughout the future. It allows me for self-promotion and expressing things in my field (film).
I'm actually a mild user of social media, or am I heavy? I'm quite unsure. It really depends on the platform that's being used. For example, I'm always on Facebook talking with friends and family, but I rarely post much stuff as I used to on my timeline. I usually leave for a week or two until I post something different. In terms of professionalism, I haven't done that much lately. In terms of Twitter, I use it mildly. I haven't really tweeted much on Twitter, but I do find it to be a very effective use in terms of communicating with the community, especially with hashtags.
In developing my professional networks and presence through social media, I will be utilising the platforms of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I will be keeping an eye on how my organisation use their platforms as well as get a sense of how to make them more engaging and fulfilling to their clients.
In terms of engagement, I will take into account my blog posts and attendance for the tutorials (some of which I've been busy at work to attend, or transport trouble since there's rail works).

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