Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stakeholder Relations and Emergent Media – Week 2

Online Communities

I didn’t start using the recent social networking sites like Facebook until a year after I finished high school, which was 2009. Up until 2013, I used the networking site as a personal medium, only adding on family and friends (which I still do now).

Since I started my Undergraduate degree in 2013 at Australian Catholic University, I started expanding my usage and started networking through the more ‘professional participatory’ means. Entering this global connected community is extremely beneficial to me, and as a filmmaker, it’s imperative that I’m constantly using social media sites as a way of self-promoting and networking through these platforms to meet people in my field. I don’t use Instagram, but I also use LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter on a professional level as well (though sometimes I use Twitter personally).

My professional media practices differ from my social media practices in a very big way. My professionalism is rarely hampered by my personal life; I’m very particular on what I post in any social media site. Over the years I’ve grown to separate them, but it’s very hard sometimes whenever the personal life (like Trolls as they call it nowadays) come into conflict with my professional life. Being able to try and distinguish them has taken time and practice. Twitter is mostly always public (though you can make it private if you wish), and that’s probably the only media site I use when both my personal and professional life are at odds.

I will talk about both Facebook and YouTube, and how I use one as a personal participatory function and the other as a more professional platform. Both are engaging forms of platforms which allow me to expand my creativity and be myself. YouTube allows me to find professionals in the same field as I to network with and input my creativity, whereas Facebook, while using it professionally, is also used more personally and with caution because of the security that’s on the site.


Facebook is a wonderful social media site that allows a global community to come together and communicate. I like to participate in discussions through the News Facebook pages whenever I feel like something needs to be said, but at the same time, I tend not to use the site as much because of their security features. People use Facebook as to hide their true selves, and while I’ve seen that in action with people I know personally, I never do and I’m always true to myself. To be someone different gives other people, and myself, a false aspect of my personality. As I’m a filmmaker, I need people to see the real me, not the fake me.

As a user of the site, I never add anybody from work, or write down personal things about my life or myself. I use Facebook both personally and professionally, though lately it’s been veering more towards the professional side of things, especially since I’m in the process of putting together my Film Production Company.


YouTube is another wonderful social media tool, especially in the professional capacity. I’ve been using YouTube since 2009, where I edit random videos of films. Editing is a skill of mine, so it was just practice for me at first. It wasn’t until I started my Undergraduate degree that I started uploading what I did for assignments (short films, commercials, documentaries…etc).

It’s a lot different from Facebook, because while Facebook is a lot more closed (and can be used in conjunction with spreading YouTube videos globally), I upload everything on YouTube because it acts as my resume.

I got my current job at the ATO (video editing, animation and filming) because my bosses saw my YouTube channel and saw the kinds of videos I made and programs I used. My chosen field, which is Media, allows me to be creative and network with various people in the same field. People communicate via private messaging, comments in the videos (or like comments in public threads on Facebook) and allows me to build more of a network with other professionals in my field. As my current job is proof, this is a wonderful tool for job opportunities. 


  1. I was unfortunate enough to stumble across this while looking for a Drs article of the same name (SK Saini). Wow that is 2 minutes of my life I will never get back....

    "People use Facebook as to hide their true selves, and while I’ve seen that in action with people I know personally, I never do and I’m always true to myself. To be someone different gives other people, and myself, a false aspect of my personality"

    Sounds to me like a ramblings of a 'little miss know it all' and a truly narcissistic one at that. God help the world with this generation. Thank goodness my lifespan will only allow another 10 years or so, if this is our future....

    1. Aww, must be your fault you were looking for Doctors in the first place. :)

  2. 'Dennis' I hope you wrote 'troll' on your census form tonight because its obvious thats all you are. Please keep your rubbish comments to your self in future and save people from using there precious moments of life reading your stupid dumb ass thoughts.
    This blog is Mindys blog, so she can write what the hell she wants. I hope you spend the 'last ten years' of your life doing something else instead of commenting on what ever you can find on the internet. Thanks.