Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dealing with vulgar comments from an opinionated reader…

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way a doctor of ANY sort. Those who read my blog and somehow assume that I am, you're wrong. How people get to that conclusion is beyond me. My blog clearly states itself as a writing blog, filled with my stories, experiences and crazy ramblings.

My readers tend to be very insightful and extremely benevolent; they always add more to the conversation instead of posting senseless comments like some immature child.
I don't often get negative posts. I always take the good with the bad when it comes to my blog. It's great to get advice, feedback and comments about my posts.

So imagine my surprise when I wake up this morning to receive an vulgar email from a rather serious university student, trying to insult my blog with their words, assuming that I'm claiming to be in the medical field and giving wrong information.

It all started when I wrote about my experiences about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I wrote about my experiences and backed them up with the signs and symptoms associated with that disorder. In fact this university student who commented wrote: "Unfortunately came upon this trash looking for valid material to reference a third year Sociology essay..." - "What qualifications do you have to discuss a Disorder such as this? Are you a Doctor? Are you a Psychologist? Do you have any training what-so-ever in mental health issues?"

This person evidently could've realised that I wasn't in the medical field, when I clearly wrote in the introduction, "I will be writing my own experiences." Did they somehow miss that sentence?

But for some reason they felt compelled to read the entire thing anyway and take the time to write a long comment about the post. It is definitely not a crime to write about experiences with someone who suffers from a disorder and yet I somehow grabbed the eye of an attention-seeking jerk who wrongly read the article itself and starting writing a load of crap about it.

This person proceeded to write, "Trying to pass themselves off as an authority..." As I re-read my article, there is no place where I even made someone assume that I was some kind of authority. I found it quite interesting that they'd even think that. I continued reading their comment, fascinated by the supposed 'insults' they tried to dish out. Obviously this person was taking my post so seriously that they continued to bash not only the blog post, but my entire blog itself.

They wrote: "This site is absolute trash - you'll be stupider for reading it."
Wow, even more interesting! This person definitely has some sort of anger issues, all because they 'came across it' while doing an essay. They clearly felt interested enough to read the entire thing.

I like to write about my own experiences in life and from my heart as well as showing off my writing and crazy antics. This person however wasn't offended by the post itself, but was somehow pissed off about me writing it. They stumbled across my post and as I left it open-endedly, they pounced on it like a shark to its prey. Now this blog won't please everybody, I understand that, but if you want to write a proper comment, even if it is negative, state the proof of why you think that instead of actually misinterpreting something you read and writing derogative remarks about it. There is a massive difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism.

They also wrote: “barely talented writer who quote THEIR own pathetic ramblings in cyber-space.”  I’m pretty sure they missed the part where I like to write about my ramblings, in this case I wrote about my experiences with some parts of rambling. So when this person proceeded to bash my blog, they obviously didn’t bother to read the entire thing. It's amazing how rude and cruel complete strangers can be. Of course it must be a keyboard warrior, hiding behind an anonymous name as they are too cowardly to actually face me like a normal person instead.

The funny thing is I'm not insulted. I'm actually quite interested in what was going through this person's head as they were typing the comment. This person obviously relishes on being extremely negative to try and belittle someone. This comment had profanity in it and was deleted by BlogSpot before I could publish it. But fortunately it hasn't affected me in a bad way and I felt compelled to write this post to see how others deal with really harsh comments, especially those of a vulgar nature.

Writing this blog of mine means I take a risk each and every time I post something. As a blogger you must always take the good with the bad, because let's face it, not everyone will be happy with something you write and you can't please everybody. So I ask you once again. How do you guys handle rude and profane comments?

I'd like to thank everyone who has been there for me since I started this blog in 2009. Your words of encouragement, hope and postiveness have made me want to write more and learn more. Blogging is a learning process and each time is a different experience to others and myself.

I also wanted to thank this person for giving me the reason to write this post in the first place and would like to hear their intelligent views (without the profanity) on what I think of their comment. Although, I highly doubt they'll come back again.

Remember everybody, the less negativity in this world the better. Positive energy, language, mood and thinking is what will make this world a better place. Don't let the hatred of something consume you to the point where you never get past it. Try to move on and turn it into a positive, like I have.



  1. I tend to just delete them or ignore them, especially if it's a personal attack and degrading comment. I read your article of NPD and I have no idea where this person thought you were pretending to be a professional.

    It's good that you turned the negative into the positive. Good job!

  2. It is upsetting when people say hurtful things - but they are not worth your time. As the saying goes, if you can't say anything useful, don't say anything at all. They are merely trolls - unhappy with their own lives, so seek to vent their bitterness and bile where they can. In essence, they are losers. The best you can do is ignore. They feed off emotion - don't give them a platform or response.

    1. Thank you for the response, Anthony! :)
      I do agree that if people can't say something nice, don't say it all. It's amazing how people can bring out such negativity.
      Thanks again, Anthony. It's good to get other people's responses to these kinds of situations.