Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Bourne Legacy Melbourne Premiere - The day I met, kissed and was flirted by Jeremy Renner!

Waking up yesterday and realising this will be the day I will meet my love Jeremy Renner for the first time (after years of obsession), made me extremely excited and nervous with a major feeling of longing. I have been waiting for this Premiere since I first heard about it a couple of months ago. Weeks of sleepless nights, lying in bed thinking of what to say to him and what I would do still played in my head. Don’t you always get those moments? Playing a forthcoming situation in your head in different ways?

The night before, I spent about 2 hours braiding ALL of my layers in front of the mirror, leaving it overnight to give it that curlish look. Let’s just say it didn’t turn out as well as I thought it would, but being my first attempt at performing that kind of hairstyle was quite alright in my books!

As I was getting ready for the day, the weather outside was battering down on us. Heavy ice cold winds pierced through our skins and bones and the rain was so annoying that wearing extra jackets for the day made me irritated as I was planning to wear a dress for the Premiere. But that didn’t get my hopes down as I was still rather looking forward to meeting Jeremy.

So, I took the 1:50pm train with my brother and Mum. My brother and I have been major fans of Jeremy since watching The Town in the cinemas. When we showed The Town to my parents after it came out on DVD, they become fans as well. Ever since we saw The Town, my obsession started. I’ve basically seen EVERYTHING that Jeremy has starred in now. I love him for his personality, his attitude towards life, his acting and his singing, a great inspiration and perfect man in my books.
We sat talking in the train. About Jeremy, what the Premiere would be like (as it would be our first time going to a red carpet event) and what we’d do. I briefly mentioned I was planning to kiss him. Oh, how I wanted to so bad! It was one of those moments that were repeating in my mind from those sleepless nights.

As we reached Flinders’ Station and started walking towards Crown Casino, the forthcoming event was starting to hit me. My heart was pounding in my chest and once again I wondered what would happen. As we reached Crown Casino, we went to the bathroom to freshen up. The state of my thick and messed up hair made me self-conscious, so fixing it up as best as I could and re-doing my makeup made me feel slightly better.
We took the escalator up to Village Cinemas and upon reaching there, there was already a few people sitting down near the barriers of the red carpet. A small bald man with glasses (who was one of the security guys) came up to and told us, “Yes, Jeremy Renner will be coming here. I didn’t know myself as I was wondering why people were coming here to sit down in front of the barriers.”

He mentioned a few people had been there since 11am. I would’ve been one of them, but an appointment with placement forced me to re-consider that thought.

There was a perfect spot near the red carpet, so my brother, Mum and I quickly sat there before anyone could take it. We looked at our clock, three hours to go. I looked at the other people around me and immediately jealousy seeped in. How long have they been fans for?  Since 2012 when The Avengers aired in cinemas around the world? Wait, why was I jealous again? It must’ve been that obsessive moment and fan girl side leaking out of me.

I looked around my surroundings. It was hard not to notice that something major was about to happen. In front of the escalator’s leading up to the cinemas, there were black barricades in a medium-sized circle on top of the red carpet. It was surrounded by yellow tape which would later be taken down so you could step right up to the barrier. Posters of Jeremy from The Bourne Legacy filled the room as more than 20 posters surrounded the area. Many people walked past, oblivious to the event but noticing the many people sitting down against the wall, obviously waiting for something.

An old man came up to us and asked us who was coming. He didn’t know who Jeremy Renner was despite the list of movies I mentioned to him. He thanked us and told us he’d tell his daughter what I said.

I’ll skip forward to 5:00pm now. He would be coming in one more hour. We saw a few people standing up near the barriers so my brother, Mum and I quickly walked up to the barriers so we could get front row views and more of a higher chance to touch Jeremy and get an autograph. Okay, the touching thing was my idea haha.

Once we went up there, EVERYONE started to surround the barriers and luckily we had the perfect spot. I met another Rennerian (this is my new word for a Jeremy Renner fan). I won’t mention names as I respect people’s privacy. We talked about Jeremy, about what movies we’d seen of his and what we would expect when he comes. She made this really awesome cartoon of Jeremy as Hawkeye with The Lion King 2 for him to autograph. Talent, I say! I just made a photo shopped picture for his to sign and she said it looked really awesome. Aw, bless you.
Security guards surrounded the red carpet, standing around with their hands folded on top of each other and the ear pieces in their ears, reminding me of the Sentinels in The Matrix.
Before 6pm hit, one of the girls in the behind the barriers, collapsed. The guards went up to her and I saw her slumped over the barrier. They held her up and she looked pretty drowsy. My guess was the lights and the heat affected her pretty bad. She was taken away and the paramedics showed up not long after (I think they are always there at these kind of events JUST in case something like this happens). The girl came back not long afterwards.

The announcer finally stated that Jeremy had just entered the loading dock and was now on his way to the red carpet. We all erupted in screams and anticipation. It was getting SO close now! Finally we all started yelling out, “Jeremy! Jeremy! Jeremy! Jeremy!” We all said this for less than 2 minutes and suddenly we all started screaming even more when Jeremy walked up from behind the black curtain. The excitement in the air was so much that I shook my camera, completely forgetting for a second that I held it in my hand. He came up to the first part of the barriers near the curtain, signing autographs and getting pictures with fans. At one point someone screamed out, “I LOVE YOU JEREMY!” Oh, how I felt the same way! It was truly amazing to see him in person, to see the person I’d been fantasising over for such a long time!

I stopped recording and put my camera on photo mode. Let’s say, I went crazy while taking pictures. I was so tempted to fill up my 8gb SD card. As he was going around to the fans, the security guard was walking around. “Do you guys have the pictures and camera ready?” Of course, mate! =D

Jeremy was coming closer and closer to me now. My heart was beating frantically in my chest and all those sleepless nights of thinking up fantasy situations were hopefully starting to happen. He finally reached me now, he looked down at me with those gorgeous eyes and I was instantly falling all over again for him. I quickly told him that I have loved him since The Town and his eyes lit up with happiness and did his sexy chuckle which I love so much.
“You did? Thanks so much!” He signed my picture which I made and I told him that I made it. He loved it! I asked him if I could have a picture and he automatically leaned into me as I held the camera in front of us. I put my hand on his shoulder and took a picture. He was winking.

He smiled and I thanked him. He went to my Mum who was beside me and signed the card which I gave her for to sign. I touched his suit while he was signing; it was so smooth and well smooth! Ah, I know it’s obsessive, but seriously I have waited for this moment for SUCH a long time!

As he was taking a picture with my Mum, I quickly called him back and asked for another picture.

“Another picture?! You sure?” He said, chuckling to himself. After he said hey to my brother he came back for another picture. This time I did what I’d always fantasised to do. I kissed him. I could smell the ciggies and could feel the scratchiness of his stubble. Let's say I liked the feel of it haha. I took the picture. The crowd suddenly went wild as I kissed him and started screaming their heads off. I did it! I finally plucked that courage deep down inside myself and kissed him!
As I was looking through the kissing picture of us on my camera, I looked at Jeremy staring at me with a rather mischievous look on his face. He was walking backwards with his eyes on me and he made a rather dirty motion with his two pointer fingers by rubbing them together in a back and forth motion. I was so flustered at this point and the crowd went even wilder at what he was doing. I couldn’t believe that moment was just for me! For me! This was better than any fantasy that I had ever thought up in my head! Here was Jeremy Renner being cheeky and giving me the moment that I had always hoped for! He went back to signing more fans autographs and I was still reeling from that amazing moment. I knew I would never forget it. That moment was perfect that I don’t think Jeremy realised just how loved I was feeling inside!

After making the round around the barricade, he went up the escalator, waving at all of us and we screamed his name out in happiness. And then it was over. My heart was still going crazy and this was quite possibly the most amazing moment in my life. If Jeremy were to ever read this, you’ve made my life mate! You have seriously given me the night of my life and I thank you for being such an amazing person and kindred spirit. Here are some of the photos. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this just as I have experienced it. Also check out my YouTube link here for the Premiere video which I took with my camera. Also check out the other Jeremy Renner I have made of him. You'll love it!

The Bourne Legacy Melbourne Premiere Video - Jeremy Renner


  1. What a sweet encounter, thank you very much for sharing. It's always wonderful to see how our Jeremy Renner gets celebrated and how much love he receives from his fans and admirers.

    - The JeRenner Team

  2. P.S.: We sent you a private message on IMDb.

  3. That's hell cool!! & he's humble too! Gotta <3 that ;)

  4. It's amazing!!! He was so lovely and all around adorable haha! I still love him. =)

  5. This entire post made me cringe. Talk about obsessive, it wouldn't surprise me if you turned out to be one of those crazy stalkers who murder the celebrity they have been obsessing over!

    1. Haha, Eden Matthews from Esperance, Australia. It's quite childish to personally attack other people for no reason and then blatantly deny it when you wrote a link to my blog that very second. You write exactly the same way too, so now I'm naming and shaming you. You're quite pathetic at your attempts to try and insult me. :)

  6. Wow, you have some wonderful fan photos. Can we share some of them on our fan photo site 99celebrities DOT com ?

  7. Hi Mindy I saw your photos while I was looking up JR and thought your so lucky and then tonight I happened to come across your video on you tube and saw your link to your blog and i just want to say thank you for sharing �� I am so jealous and happy for you that you got to experience this and meet this amazing man. I am a just a recent Renner fan I seen Bourne legacy and was in awe of him. So I started searching of who he is and short story is I found out he can sing and that has kept me wanting more. He's perfect I hope to meet him one day and I hope also that he does a album of a soundtrack and I can listen to him always. ��

    Chrissy from AB Canada
    I don't have either of the accounts to put a name so that's why its anonymous.

    1. Good afternoon, Chrissy from AB Canada!
      Thank you so much for that lovely comment. It's good to hear that you're a recent Renner fan and that he has touched your life to make you a fan.
      I hope you get to experience something that makes you really happy. Besides his talent for acting, his greatest love is singing. I'm sure we'll get to see some future musicals coming his way. :)