Friday, May 11, 2012

Interview with local Australian radio show, Hear & Now.

Hear & Now Interview - Featuring radio presenter, Matthew Romania!

(Hear & Now radio presenter, Matthew Romania)

Once again, this is completely different from what I normally write, but as the moment came, I got to do my own interview for the first time with an amazing local radio show in Victoria, Australia.

I was lucky enough to score an interview with Matthew Romania, who hosts local radio show Hear & Now. At just 22 years of age, Matthew had always been interested in creating and producing a radio show. Since joining the committee at the Kinglake Ranges Radio Station, Matthew finally got to have what he'd been working towards, creating a radio show called Hear & Now.

Mindy: "Why did you create Hear & Now?"
Matthew: "I really wanted to produce a radio show that focussed on three things: amazing music with a local focus, intriguing bits and pieces about life and relevant community news. A variety of segments on the show reflect these three aspects and all have the potential for listener involvement – which is important at a community radio station."

Mindy: "What steps did you take to get to where you are now?"
Matthew: "Radio has always intrigued me, so I didn't hesitate to contact the radio station when I stumbled across an advertisement for new presenters. It's thanks to the incredible team at Kinglake Ranges Radio, that I was guided through the process of producing and presenting my own radio show. Over time, the concept of 'Hear & Now' started to take shape. Every week after the show, I think about how I can improve for the next week."

Mindy: "What kind of songs do you play?"
Matthew: "I aim to feature two or three local bands on the show whilst playing a mixture of great classics that most people know, as well as not-so-well known songs that I love."

Mindy: "You seem big on listener interaction?"
Matthew: "Absolutely! Any time during the show, listeners can text, email or facebook the show with song requests or anything important they want to share. There are a few local segments on the show such as the 'Kinglake Ranges Employment Board' and 'Buy, Sell, Swap'. They rely on interaction from listeners in the community."

Mindy: "How can people listen in to your show?"
Matthew: "'Hear & Now' broadcasts live from Kinglake every Sunday between 4pm and 6pm. If you're in or around the Kinglake Ranges, tune your radio to 94.5 FM, or you can listen live online at the Facebook page, ( or on the radio station’s website (

So guys, whether you're in Australia, near Kinglake, or somewhere around the world, listen in to 'Hear & Now' every Sunday between 4-6pm. Congratulations to Matthew Romania for creating a successful and entertaining radio show!


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  1. Enjoyed the interview! Well done to you and Matthew. I'm assuming it's in Victoria, though not mentioned.
    Have to say, I find the music on your page really distracting. Jmo.