Friday, March 9, 2012

Winning a Writing Competition and my Photoshoot.

I'm pretty late with this entry. But last year, mid year, I won a writing competition where I'm studying my Diploma in Children Services. The writing consisted of what course you were doing, and what you think of the Institution. The testimonial would then be placed in the Course Guide for people to see. The most innovative and creative testimonial would win. There were 8 winners.

I won out of 8 people.

The Institution where I'm studying at is called Kangan Batman TAFE. I love it. I mean, just look at the name. Batman. My favourite DC Comics Superhero. :P Hahaha! To the Bat Cave! But sadly, they changed the name and now they're called Kangan Institute. I really loved the Batman part!

Anyway moving on, the competition told us to write a testimonial, I won and as prizes, I got a $100 JB Hifi Gift Card, which I splurged straight away on DVD's. Jingle all the Way, Smallville Season One, The Running Man - Special Edition and The Terminator - Special Edition with a 3D cover. The was another one, but I forgot.

The other prize, was that my testimonial will be in the Course Guide 2012 for an entire year, including a photoshoot to have my pictures taken which will ALSO end up in the Course Guide 2012. There were a lot more photos than this, but they all look a like, so I'll just put the best ones up instead. :)

It was a pretty interesting experience I have to say. As nervous as I was for my first photoshoot, I actually quite enjoyed it. If I get more confident in front of the camera with other people, then I'll definitely go for a photoshoot. When I do, I'll post it on here and keep you guys updated!!!! =)
Have any of you guys ever been to a photoshoot before? What was your experience like?

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  1. Congrats! That's great news.. lovely photos too.. you have a great smile... :)