Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jeremy Renner - The underrated and upcoming superstar! Plus The Avengers Trailers and more!

For those who don't know who Jeremy Renner is. He is a Hollywood Actor and Musician.
He appears in movies such as, Dahmer (which he plays the real life serial killer Jeffery Dahmer), S.W.A.T with Colin Farrell, Thor as the cameo of Hawkeye and 28 Weeks Later as Doyle the protective soldier.
But the movies he is most noticable is, is The Hurt Locker, The Town, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and now will reprise his role as Hawkeye in The Avengers. He will also play new character Agent Aaron Cross in The Bourne Legacy.

In S.W.A.T

When I first found out about Jeremy Renner, it was in 2010 when my brother dragged me to the cinemas to watch The Town. I never knew who Jeremy Renner was back then, but I only went because of Ben Affleck. While watching the movie, I was in awe over Jeremy Renner's character! He was brilliant as the loyal friend and psycho trigger happy friend. Of course, I started to like him after that.

Later on, I found out that Jeremy was going to replace Matt Damon in The Bourne Series (but it was later until I found out he was not replacing Jason Bourne), I was sceptical. I thought he wouldn't be able to pull it off. That was until I saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

The Hurt Locker

I LOVE the Mission Impossible movies. I mean who doesn't?! I was in Singapore visiting family at the time when I went to the cinemas with my cousins to go watch it. I was pretty damn excited, and with good reason. Tom Cruise never fails to let us down as Ethan Hunt, but what blew me away even more was Jeremy Renner as William Brandt! Damn, he got even hotter in my eyes, and that stretch scene was just the most memorable of the movie. :) After watching it, I realised that Jeremy was just perfect for The Bourne Legacy, and I'm definitely going to watch it in the cinemas when it comes out.

After that, I saw Thor, and I loved that movie as well. Jeremy's cameo as the sexy Clint Barton/Hawkeye, I loved him even more!!
Then after that, I watched Dahmer, where Jeremy plays a psychopathic killer Jeffery Dahmer (true story). He played so good in that role, I absolutely loved it. He really knew how to capture that deep, emotional, psychopathic side of him. But because he was hot, I felt sympathy for the character. If anyone else had play Dahmer, it would be a different reaction.
Of course my obsession with Jeremy was just getting started. You see the very first picture? I made that. Yeah. I'm THAT obsessed. :P

Jeremy was also in a couple of music videos too. You'll all know the Pink song Trouble? Well he plays the hot cowboy Sheriff.

After much debating with myself, I finally pulled myself to watch 28 Weeks Later. I don't normally like Zombie movies, as I find them very badly made, but I liked this one. Well you all know the reason by now. Jeremy as Doyle, was just amazing, and made me love him more.
You should see Jeremy in S.W.A.T, HOT!

After that, I dragged my parents to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in the cinemas. They hadn't seen it, and my brother and I wanted to see it again, so they eventually gave in and we saw it again! Oooh, yeah, I drooled all over Jeremy in that movie. Actually, I kind of want to watch it again now....

This is the stretch scene of Jeremy Renner, in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol:

This video here, is what I made too. It's probably my best video yet I have to say.

Did you know that Jeremy Renner could sing? Well he can!!! :)
If there is another thing I LOVE about a guy, is that he can sing. Let's just say, he melts my heart into a nonetheless puddle.

This video here, is from the movie called 'Love comes to the Executioner'. Jeremy sings before he is about to be given the lethal injection. He is singing American Pie. :)

This video is from The View, where Jeremy Renner played the piano (another favourite of mine, so more plus points for him), and he sings his own song called, "My World". I fell even more in love. :)

And this last video is Jeremy singing with his family and his good friend Brother Sal. :) They're singing "Stuck in the middle with you,". :) That little baby there is Jeremy's neice. :) Jeremy is the one on the ground. :D

Here are some upcoming pictures of Jeremy's latest movies.

The Avengers - He will play Clint Barton/Hawkeye, a superhero and part of The Avengers team.

The Bourne Legacy - He will play Agent Aaron Cross, who is left to pick up the pieces after Jason Bourne's disappearance.

And last but not least...

I made this. Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jeremy Renner had amazing inspirational quotes, so I put them together. The bottom one is Jeremy's and the top quote is Arnold's. :)

Here are The Avengers trailers! :)

These are all the 'after credits' from the following movies: The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America. All of these endings are what lead up to The Avengers.

So please comment about this blog post. Have you seen his movies? What do you think of him? I don't mind if they are bad comments, just don't make them too rude that's all. Which is your favourite movie of his? Will you see any upcoming movies of his?

PS: He might be twice my age, but I'll marry him in a heartbeat. I don't care. He's perfect!


  1. LOVE HIM! Neo Ned is my favorite movie.

  2. Awesome ! I'm big fan too :D My fav movie is The Hurt Locker <3