Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bloody Mary. Is she real? Or just a story to scare kids and teenagers?

Everybody has heard of the legend Bloody Mary. Right? If you haven't let me give you a summary of what the legend is actually about.
Now, there are so many different versions of Bloody Mary, and each has it's own different version. But always, they end with the same story. You say her name at least a few or three times in front of a mirror, mostly at Midnight (because it's the witching hour), and she'll come and kill you.
Now is this real? Is this something we can leave for imagination? Or is this real and we are stupid for even trying it out?

I wouldn't know myself. I am a paranormal buff and even though I kind of don't believe it, I will never try it. Not in this lifetime. Other people have had experiences with Bloody Mary. But are they faking it for the attention of the public, or did they really see something that scared nearly half to death? I'm sure you've seen shows or movies about Bloody Mary right? There is Supernatural Season 1 - Bloody Mary (good!), Ghost Whisperer Season 3 - Don't Try This At Home (good too!) and Urban Legend - Bloody Mary and also The Candyman series which is based off Bloody Mary. All have different stories and versions but all have the same story. If you know what I mean, I think I confused myself just then.

Anyway, the legend of Bloody Mary starts off with Mary I of England,  Queen regnant of England and Queen regnant of Ireland from 19 July 1553 until her death. Now she was nicknamed Bloody Mary because of her reputation. This woman kind of scares me eek.

So now you know the short version of the story and the small history behind it. You want more information? Look it up on Google, because if I keep writing about her, it'll be way more than a page long (you know how I love writing), and by more than a page later, you'll start to get bored.

But don't worry! More Urban Legends/Myths to come! :D

Please tell me if you have ever tried the Bloody Mary dare, and tell me what your experiences are. :)


  1. This brought back memories of school days, I haven't heard Bloody Mary mentioned in a long long time (showing my age here) and realistically I kind of hoped I would never again :)

    We did it on Friday 13th, the way it was told to us is that you had to do it on Friday 13th and you had to say her name 13 times.

    Well you can imagine the scenario, pre-pubscent school girls lined up in the girls bathroom and we all started to chant Bloody Mary, we only got to 3 or 4 (I can't remember exactly) when the door burst open and we all screamed our heads off. Someone had snitched on what we were doing and the teachers were not happy!

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  3. I've heard about this while I was at school too, and a few months ago while watching 'The Tudors' I finally found out where the term 'Bloody Mary' originated from. I hate looking at myself in the mirror when it's dark so there's no way I'm trying it either. :)

  4. Mindy,

    I remember as a kid (yes I can remember back that far) this used to scare the crap out of me. This was a feat too because I lived back up in the woods next to a graveyard and across the street from a prison. I remember one sleepover after playing in a nearby graveyard we actually stood infront of a mirror and did the bloody mary thing. Nothing much happend but I did have a nightmare that night, so it kinda makes you think; needless to say this story has a special place in the back of my mind. Great post!

    Also thank you so much for visiting my comic site and posting a comment!

  5. Wow i was jusst looking for some project info. and i found thiss i love iht it's pretty scary and realistic i believe in it i would never dare to take the challenge.

  6. I love da supernatural version!

  7. Dont ever try that. I know this from personal experience and the outcome is never good. There are different cases I have had with my friends. One was Us chanting Bloody Mary three times in a bathroom. The lights started flickering and We looked at the lightswitch and it was amazingly moving. The other time We were playing with a weegie board and the glass started moving. It said "better watch your back on Halloween night" It might have been my sleezy best friend moving it because I was talking to her the other night about halloween but even she was shaken up.

  8. ^^Anonymous; that one in the bathroom couldn't have worked because the lights have to be off and the room has to be lit by only a candle. It doesn't have to be done in the bathroom, just any dark room lit only by a candle,facing a mirror. The chant has to be anywhere from 3-100 chants (13 is the most popular number of chants) The 'Ouija' board one is possible but highly unlikely. It was probably your friend.

  9. the lights could have been turned off and maybe the turned on and off so he was probably telling the truth and ghosts on ouija boards dnt say very much so it was his friend for a fact.

  10. i have never tried it but i will dare my friends to do it.
    i half dont belive in it and half belive in it