Friday, October 16, 2009

Woop Di Doop...

Ah, today watched 3 new Supernatural episodes...brilliant as always, i'm totally in love with Jensen Ackles, i'm obsessed with him actually haha...
Don't you hate it when you have certain common interests with people, and when you write about it they think it's about them? Pfft, it kind of pisses me off, they aren't the only ones that like it, i'm sure millions of other people like the same thing as well...i'm pretty angry actually...but enough about my anger one cares about that anyway...
Was going to work on my novel today, but didn't have time...watched Star Trek today woo! But, didn't enjoy it as much because my family wasn't really enjoying it...they liked it, but thought it wasn't really good. Guess i can't complain, not everybody has to like something i like...i think maybe i should watch the original tv series of Star Trek, i've seen a few when i was younger but i need to refresh my memory lol...

Coming back to Jensen Ackles, the only reason i watched Supernatural is because i'm into the paranormal myself lol, i mean for seeing spirits/ghosts, seeing is believing, and i really do believe...then i saw Jensen! Woot! Seriously, he is soo great....I loved him as Jason Teague in Smallville another one of my favourite tv shows...loved it since it first came on tv :D
hehe i always call myself Mindy Ackles, it's crazy i know but the name suits me hehe...i'm very very crazy lol :P But i love it lol.
I'm watching The Shawshank Redemption...brilliant movie. I love it because of several things...Morgan Freeman is one of the greatest actors of our times :D, Tim Robbins who is brilliant as Andy, just great, also because it's a Stephen King book :D, i've got about 2 books of his, i need to get all of them! lol, and also because it touches your heart, and there are no special effects, just reality....It really is one of the greatest movies ever made and we've got Frank Darabont who is the Director of the movie and Stephen King who wrote the book to thank for :D

I have to say i love every Stephen King movie :D They're all unique in their own ways :D
Anyway my arm is hurting from leaning on it so much and i've got a brilliant but busy day tomorrow :D
Will write again tomorrow...i wonder if anyone reads this blog anyway?


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