Monday, October 26, 2009

A Poem about Art and Imagination (or in other words, Life and Death)


You found me when i was at my worst,
You put me back together,
But something happened and you died,
I will cherish our memories forever,
I remember the day that i met you,
You were so full of life and happiness,
But i stand here by our fantasy place,
I feel like my life is becoming a mess,
I was Art, and you were Imagination,
You were always like the other half of me,
My eyes well up in a rain of tears,
As your ashes are drifted out to sea,
I will always think about the times,
That you and i had,
I promise to look out onto the horizon,
And never be sad,
You taught me a lot of things,
To open up your mind,
Just close your eyes and imagine a world,
There could be anything you can find,
Now i will go back to our fantasy place,
Where you were Imagination and i was Art,
I will close my eyes happily,
Because i know you'll always be in my heart...

I wrote this poem because whenever you lose someone special in your life (no matter who they are), they will always be a part of you and your memories that'll keep them alive. Bridge to Terabithia inspired me to write this poem, because it's such a touching and beautiful movie. I hope you guys like this poem as much as i do, and please comment and tell me what you think of it...


  1. It is a pretty good poem. Nice drawings on your other post. Pokemon is still badass, those were the days.... lol

  2. cool poem

  3. I liked that poem. It was really sweet... :)

  4. I like your writing style. I am also an inspiring young writer so its good to read work from another ;)